Production of bamboo bottles and earthenware as an alternative to plastic bottles: Employment will provide new opportunities

NEW DELHI: A new alternative to plastic bottles has been discovered by Khadi Rural Industries while the campaign is going to launch a campaign to stop the use of 'single use plastic' in the country from October 2, Gandhi Jayanti. Bamboo bottles are now made as an alternative to plastic bottles. That is why bamboo bottles will be used instead of plastic bottles for drinking water.

The MSME ministry is also promoting the production of bamboo bottles. Union MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari recently launched this bottle of bamboo in a program Kannada Kaikeyi. These bottles can also be used easily at home. The capacity of this bottle ranges from 750ml to 1 liter and it starts at Rs300. The one-liter conidia lacquer bottle costs Aquila Rs 560. Bamboo Bottles Will Never Be Bad This bottle will never be bad for Aquila. The water in this bottle will also be natural. Caned lactic water of bamboo is also good for health. The Kuldi Khadi Village Commission has already made preparations against the use of plastic. The earthen pot has been started by Commissioner Kanidai Lakiye. Over 1 crore kuldi has been prepared. New Employment Opportunity for the People Kannada Village Lakhi, a Khadi village, said this initiative has created a large number of people. With the introduction of clay ants and bamboo bottles, the Kennedy Lakiyas, who are associated with the area, are getting a lot of employment. Even new people are joining the field now.
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