Bhaibij 2019 - This is how the brother will get success

Bhaibij 2019 - This is how the brother will get success 
Bhai bij Vishe usefull information 
Ben has a small or big pass or is far away only wishing his brother good luck. His love and faith deepen the brotherly feast.
This year's Ben Brother Seed Festival is on October 29th. So every Ben wants his brother to have a gentleman's year and he will be away from all the misery. If you have concealed such a desire in your heart, then know what is the right way to do Chandal which can fulfill your desire.
The celebration of the sibling celebrates Kartik Masi Shukla Party's second date. On this day, Ben Rowley and his brother, Akshay, make their best wishes for their bright future. Instead, the brother gives his Ben a gift. First of all know the auspicious idiom of chandala on bhaiyyabiz. From 9 am to 13 pm to 15 am to 17 minutes. In these two hours and 8 minutes, it will be very beneficial for the brother to donate sandalwood.
In this way, brother worship
On the day of brotherhood, first get up in the Brahma muhurt and bathe the household chores. Upon the coming of auspicious time, the brother should sit on the couch and worship his hands.
Eat a tilak by giving a meal to your sibling.
* On this day, a sister will feed her brother at a meal.
* The brother touches the feet of the sister after the meal and gives her a dress as a gift.

On this day, a brother should go to his sister's house and have dinner.
* Wash the brother with his hands and feet and sit on the auspicious posture.
* After the meal, give the brother a tilak and pray for his life.
* Brother Pray for good luck by giving your sister good things as well as other duality as best you can.
* The worship of Yamraj and Yamunaji is also important to this day. Brothers and sisters pray for life and good fortune by bathing in the Yamuna and other holy rivers.
* Chitragupta Pujan is done in the form of a graft on the day of Kartik Sood. If a sister feeds a brother with her own hand on this day, her age increases and life's hardships go away.
* It is important to have lunch at your sister's house on this day.
Gujarati information bhai bij Vishe 
Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated by Hindus of India and Nepal.....

This application contains:
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   Bhai Dooj / भाई दूज / Bhau-Beej / Bhai Tika / Bhai Phota: is a festival celebrated by Hindus of India and Nepal on the last day of the five-day-long Diwali or Tihar festival. This is the second day of the bright fortnight or Shukla Paksha of the Hindu lunar month of Kartika in Nepali Calendar.
   The celebrations of this day are similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan. On this day, sisters pray for a long and happy life for their brothers, by performing the Tika ceremony.

So download it and celebrates Bhai Dooj festival with best wishes to all.

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