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Social Safar E Magazine 15/4/2017 Ank 8

Social Safar E Magazine 15/4/2017 Ank 8

All Circulars of Districts And Niyamak kacheri Gandhinagar all Primary, Secondary and Higer Secondary Department.
Education Informatics is a sub-field of informatics. The primary focus is on computer applications, systems and networks that support research in and delivery of education. Education informatics is based upon  information science, computer science and education but particularly addresses the intersection of these broad areas. Note that it is distinct from Informatics Education, a term that relates more to the practice of teaching/learning about informatics, rather than the use of information science and technology in the support of teaching and learning.

The term has been in widespread use since at latest
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Social Safar E Magazine 15/4/2017 Ank 8
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