Tuesday, 14 February 2017

2% DA And 7th Cpc Arrears Related Important News Report

2% DA And 7th Cpc Arrears Related Important News Report

The rest of the state employees, pensioners-seven per cent Pay Commission arrears, demands payment

State Chief Secretary to issue the letter bholabhai Gohel

State Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary of state employees, pensioners bholabhai Jasdan Congress issued paper Gohel Seven per cent of the outstanding amount, the Commission has sought to pay salary arrears, as early as possible.
They said that in addition, state employees are paid a salary from the date of the Union on the basis of .1-8-16 given the benefit of the Seventh Pay Commission from the date 1-1-2016 ,But the amount of arrears have not been paid to date 31-7-16 ,In addition to state employees, including gharabhadu allowance is paid, according to the old salary Medical ,Inflation of the public, the Centre has not been paid to the injustice of the past seven months.
Union employees have been applied from the date of 1-7, and 016 per cent. When the price has been paid to employees, pensioners of the State Government of inexcusable delay ,Found that employees are dissatisfied with fervor.,According to the employee's performance is why the government is giving rise anytime unnecessary delay? The question that has been raised.

The state government is granting employees benefits including a recurrent central-government basis,According to the central government employees 7thPay Commission arrears have been paid in the amount And state employees, pensioners are yet to be paid the amount in arrears.

Since Jan -17 in the coming days will be announced by the government on a new premium price.When state employees, pensioners and Jan-July period in arrears, the amount from 016 to 016 Early in July -16 per cent and the remaining payment to inflation as demand has to be decided in the interests of employees as paid late bholabhai Gohel


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2% DA And 7th Cpc Arrears Related Important News Report
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